EXCLUSIVE: Trump Campaign Takes Aim At ‘Flawed’ Poll, Questions Methodology

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Former President Donald Trump and his campaign are punching back at a poll released Thursday, saying their internal polling shows contradictions in both the sample sizes and the results, and that the “skewed outcomes” end up creating misleading or “faulty” reporting.

The Daily Caller obtained a memo from McLaughlin & Associates, a polling group that works closely with the Trump campaign. The memo explains their frustration with a recently released Ipsos/Politico poll that states more than half of all Americans want the former president’s legal battles to take place before the general election, along with other findings.

“The sample of 1,005 ‘adults’ from the Ipsos panel is different than most election polls. It’s not from a voter list, it didn’t screen for likely voters, and it’s not even registered voters. The 2020 exit polls showed party affiliation at 36% Republican vs. 37% Democrat, but this Ipsos poll sample has 37% Republican vs. 44% Democrat,” John McLaughlin with McLaughlin & Associates said in the obtained memo to Miller and the Trump campaign.

“This means the Ipsos panel in question has Republicans about right, but they significantly oversample Democrats, leading to skewed results that are anti-Trump and in favor of Democrats. Specifically, for each result in this Ipsos/Politico survey, the anti-Trump result has a 6-to-7-point bias against him compared to a likely voter universe,” McLaughlin continued.

“The questionnaire puts the verdict among largely uninformed adults before the process questions in a decidedly Democratic sample. The questionnaire finds President Trump guilty and then wants to rush the trials, which Politico is overeager to write up,” he added.

The Caller also spoke with the Trump campaign’s Senior Advisor Jason Miller about the Ipsos/Politico poll and he said the campaign will not be allowing “flawed” polling to create “fake news.”


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Jason Miller, former senior advisor to 2020 Trump campaign, as former US President Donald Trump, not pictured, greets supporters during a visit to a Team Trump Volunteer Leadership Training, at the Grimes Community Complex in Grimes, Iowa, US, on Thursday, June 1, 2023. Photographer: Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Trump is currently the GOP frontrunner in the 2024 presidential primary, according to national polling. (RELATED: ‘I’m Running To Win In January’: DeSantis Brushes Off Polls Showing Trump Ahead)

“We’re putting the bad pollsters on notice. Fake polling generates fake news, but we’re not going to let flawed polling methodology stand as fact without our punching back,” Miller told the Caller after the poll was released.

The Caller contacted both Ipsos and Politico about McLaughlin’s comments to which Ipsos did not immediately respond.

A spokesperson for Politico responded for comment saying: “Perhaps the Trump campaign thinks it’s ‘different from most election polls’ because it wasn’t really an election poll, rather a survey that mainly focused on what Americans (including those who may not vote) think about the former President’s indictment and potential criminal trial. The methodology of the poll is transparent and published so that readers—including the Trump campaign—can make their own assessments and conclusions.'”

Miller responded to Politico’s statement and said: “That’s bullshit. It was a fake poll with fake methodology designed to generate fake headlines.”