Here’s An Animation Showing Exactly How The Titanic Submersible Imploded

[YouTube/Screenshot/Public — @AiTelly]

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We have more insight on what exactly happened to the Titanic submersible.

An animation posted to YouTube shows how the OceanGate Titan submersible carrying five passengers to see the wreckage sight of the Titanic imploded in June. The video has over six million views in 12 days since posted.

YouTube channel AiTelly, known for its videos explaining engineering through animation, created the clip that lasts more than six minutes.

The video shows what happened to the submersible as it was dealing with massive pressure the more it descended into the North Atlantic Ocean.

Below the sea’s surface at 12,500 feet, where the Titanic currently rests after hitting an iceberg and sinking in 1912, “there is around 5,600 pounds per square inch of pressure,” according to the clip.


It’s believed the Titan imploded June 18, just under two hours after it departed from its mothership to dive towards the Titanic. The passengers on board — Stockton Rush, Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Nargeolet and father/son Shahzada and Suleman Dawood — all died in the implosion.

Human remains were later found in the debris.

AiTelly’s video explains the carbon fiber hull of the Titan couldn’t handle the high hydrostatic pressure in the ocean and that it crumpled “within a fraction of a millisecond.” (RELATED: ‘Horror Movie’: Expert Says Titan Sub Victims Likely Were Aware Of Impending Doom Seconds Before Implosion)

The animation then shows the submersible being crushed and destroyed.

“Existing technology is based on steel, titanium and aluminum. These are what kept other submarines from being crushed. But the Titan has had an experimental design,” according to the video.