Christian College Fires Gay Soccer Coach Over Social Media Posts

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Geneva College, a Christian college in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, has reportedly fired a gay soccer coach for Instagram posts she made, the Beaver County Times reported Thursday.

Kelsey Morrison, who is gay, took over the college’s soccer program in 2021, according to the outlet. She says she was aware of the school’s stance on homosexual and LGBT issues.

After making several posts about LGBT issues on her social media, she says it was “a complete shock” when the school fired her. (RELATED: Kansas Judge Says So Many Trans People Rushed To Change Their Gender On Licenses It Created A ‘Public Safety Concern’)

“Following the teaching of the College’s controlling denomination, Geneva holds that intimate sexual behavior outside of male-female marriage, whether with a same-sex or opposite-sex partner, is wrong,” the school’s handbook reads.

“The College will not discipline someone for having and/or revealing that he or she has feelings of same-sex attraction,” the handbook continues.

“Queer people offer precious gifts to the church. Don’t miss out,” one post Morrison put on her private Instagram page read.

“Feeling an extra burden today regarding how Christian community can carelessly limit the inclusivity of Jesus and the gospel… The gospel is ultimately offensive for who it lets in, not who it keeps out,” another post read. The center of the image contained the words “Jesus is radically inclusive.”

When the school’s human resources department received word of the posts, Morrison was called into a private meeting June 2 to discuss them. She maintained, “those Instagram stories are not against the Biblical values of the school.” Despite her protests, she was fired for her social media activity.

Morrison says she identifies as a ‘Side B’ Christian, meaning she acknowledges her same-sex attraction but chooses to remain celibate due to the Bible’s teachings on sexuality.

“As a gay Christian, I believe that my relational path forward is pursuing singleness,” she said. “I’m passionate about it. It is something, in my interpretation of Scripture, that is challenging but I agree with.”

Geneva College did not respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment.