‘God Is A F*g’: Communists Swarm Christian Volunteers Ministering To Homeless At Coffee Shop

(Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP)

Lyrah Panarigan Contributor
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Drip Café, a Christian-owned and -operated coffee shop in Denver, is facing constant protests from left-wing activists for their stance on sexual sin. 

Various posts attacking the organization on the Denver Communists’ Facebook page reveal a hostile attitude toward the “anti-gay” Christian organization. In one post, the leftist group claims that the coffee shop “masquerades as a charity to deflect criticism of its homophobia.” (RELATED: ‘Be Willing to Stand Up’: Masterpiece Cakeshop Owner’s Legal Troubles Expected To End After Landmark SCOTUS Ruling) 

Recycle God’s Love, the parent company of Drip Café, is a ministry committed to serving the homeless through outreach events and providing “hot meals, clothing, hygiene, life-saving winter supplies, and most importantly, the love of Christ,” the group’s website reads. 

The outrage from Denver Communists stems from a statement on the Christian organization’s “What We Hold To Be True” page, which states that a “homosexual lifestyle is contrary to God’s Word and purpose for humanity and is sin,” citing biblical passages 1 Timothy 1:10 and 1 Corinthians 6:9. 

Jamie Sanchez, the owner of Drip Café and founder of Recycle God’s Love, told the Christian Post that the Denver Communists have been protesting the coffee shop since June 2, throwing rocks, putting up graffiti and harassing customers entering the shop. The group has also hosted a “Drag Against Drip Café” event targeting the organization. 

The Denver Communists’ Facebook Page includes images of various protesters crowding the shop with pride flags, and signs that read “God Is A Fag,” “Enough Christian Dictatorship” and “My Students Respect My Pronouns.” (RELATED: Court Rules Against Attempt To Force Religious Company To Violate Beliefs On Sexuality)

“We will stop protesting the Drip Café as soon as they shutter their business and stop spreading their vile anti-LGBTQ+ ideas. Pretty simple. No truce! Begone, bigots!” Denver Communist posted. 

Despite the protests, Sanchez says he will continue his mission for the “world to know the love of Jesus Christ through our love,” he told the Christian Post.