EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Steve Daines Introduces Bill To Sanction Chinese Companies, Individuals Connected To Spy Balloon

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Montana Republican Sen. Steve Daines introduced a bill Thursday that would sanction Chinese companies as well as any individuals responsible for the Chinese Spy balloon after reports claimed China used American technology to spy on the U.S.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the legislation, which would make sure the Department of the Treasury works with the Department of Commerce to identify institutions as restricted trade partners if they are connected with either the Chinese military or intelligence services.

“The recent discovery that China used U.S. technology to spy on the United States is embarrassing but not surprising as it is yet another foreign policy failure by the Biden administration. To ensure this never happens again, the world needs to know there are consequences for these actions and that America will lead with strength, not weakness, in the face of national security threats,” Daines told the Caller before introducing the bill. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Daines Introduces Legislation To Prohibit Federal Government From Working With Companies Against Second Amendment)


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Daines sent a letter Tuesday, calling on the Biden administration to investigate a number of concerns regarding reports China used American technology to spy on the U.S. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Shoot It Down’ — Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke Rips Biden Admin For Not Taking Out Chinese Balloon Over His State)

In February, a spy balloon was spotted floating over Montana. President Joe Biden was briefed about the Chinese surveillance balloon at the time, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recommended against shooting it down, claiming they needed to protect the people on the ground.