8 Inmates Overdosed On Fentanyl In The Same Day At Tennessee Prison

Photo by SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP via Getty Images

Matthew Nielsen Contributor
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Emergency responders rushed eight inmates in Putnam County, Tennessee, to a hospital Thursday after they simultaneously overdosed on fentanyl, authorities stated.

A female inmate allegedly smuggled fentanyl pills into the jail inside a body cavity before distributing them among other inmates, Sheriff Eddie Harris told NewsChannel 5 Nashville. Upon consuming the fentanyl, eight inmates overdosed but revived inside Putnam County Jail before being transported to a local hospital, police said. (RELATED: Baby Dies After Teen Mother Allegedly Put Enough Fentanyl In Bottle To Kill 10 People, Thinking It Was Cocaine)

The Sheriff’s Office found that two inmates, Nicole Ealey and Jasmine Lancaster, smuggled both heroin and fentanyl into the jail, Fox17 Nashville reported. Authorities charged both inmates with five counts of attempted 2nd-degree murder.

Several inmates came close to death, but as of Thursday night, the hospital had released four of the eight inmates back into police custody, police said.

While correctional officers routinely perform cavity searches to prevent the smuggling of contraband into the jail, the Sheriff’s Office said the searches are not completely foolproof.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that all eight inmates who overdosed — Krystal Auxier, Rachael Blackard, Sarah Miller, Jamie Bullard, Chantel Keagle, Sarah King, Angie Taylor and Brittany Bryant — will face charges of possession of a controlled substance, Fox17 Nashville reported.