Who’s The Alpha German Blonde Dragging This Climate Protester By Her Hair?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video shared Saturday showed the moment a group of disgruntled German drivers dragged a number of so-called climate “activists” out of the street.

It’s unclear when the incident happened, or who exactly the “activists” are, but social media users claimed that the now-viral situation occurred after a group blocked an intersection somewhere in Germany. Apparently these people thought that sitting in the middle of a road was a great way to stop the planet’s fluctuating weather patterns.

But let’s be honest, no one really cares when this thing went down or why. We are all here to talk about the blonde driver who yanked one of the activists out of the street by their hair, twice, like a freaking alpha.

The video starts with two fairly big men stepping in to drag the scrawnier-looking activists out of the road, which was embarrassingly easy for them both. The blonde watches as the youngster is thrown into a hedge, and then casually walks behind one of the females sitting down. (RELATED: Good News! Extreme Weather Is Killing Less People Than Ever Before)

As if it’s her job, she calmly grabs the woman by her hair, and drags her toward the sidewalk — again, with ease. The same activist then tried to come back a second time, and the whole situation repeated. It took less than a minute for all of the activists to be cleared from the scene, so I hope that brightened your Monday up like it did mine.