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Behind the Scenes: Asad & Razia Shalami Reveal the Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business at ZAR Wellness

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Navigating the bustling wellness terrain of Texas, a husband-wife power duo is making waves. At the epicenter of this storm is ZAR Wellness, a family-owned endeavor co-founded by Asad Shalami and Razia Qureshi-Shalami. This unique venture paints the CBD industry with its vibrant, healing hues.

Operating a dynamic network of 24 storefronts across Lone Star State, ZAR Wellness is far from your typical CBD enterprise. This trailblazing brand offers a diverse range of CBD and THC products to tackle ailments from sleep disorders and stress to anxiety and PTSD.

Not stopping at human wellness, ZAR Wellness extends its reach to furry family members, offering a line of pet-friendly products. “We’re here to create a positive ripple in the health landscape, not just for our human clientele, but their four-legged companions as well,” says the charismatic ZAR Wellness CEO, Asad Shalami.

But what is it that makes this power couple tick? How do they manage to harmonize their personal and professional lives, all while leading an ever-expanding enterprise?

“Respect and open communication are our secret ingredients,” Razia reveals. “We acknowledge each other’s strengths and delegate tasks accordingly. We understand that for our business to flourish, we must harness our skills and create a synergistic environment.”

Overseeing the business’s day-to-day operations, Razia’s leadership is fueled by her indomitable spirit and visionary insights. Meanwhile, Asad’s keen eye for strategic expansion contributes significantly to the enterprise’s success.

But ZAR Wellness isn’t just about the family at the helm. It’s about the extended family – their dedicated staff, loyal customers, and supplier network. “ZAR Wellness is a melting pot of diverse talents, driven by a shared vision of creating a healthier world,” Asad notes. “Our people are our strength.”

Their commitment to wellness, quality, and community has elevated ZAR Wellness to the top tiers of the Texas CBD market, but the dynamic duo have their sights set on broader horizons.

ZAR Wellness is currently fielding interest from other cities and exploring the potential of a franchise model to expand its reach. “Our expansion plans are ambitious yet grounded in practicality,” Asad shares. “We are considering a franchise model to maintain quality and ensure that the essence of ZAR Wellness is preserved across all our locations.”

Innovation is another key driver propelling ZAR Wellness forward. The company is not afraid to break boundaries, from incorporating state-of-the-art technologies in its cultivation processes to introducing vending machines for a more efficient and personalized consumer experience.

“By introducing CBD vending machines, we can reach more people and offer them the convenience of purchasing our products any time of the day,” Razia elaborates. “At the same time, we ensure they receive proper guidance through in-depth informational material available at the machines.”

Their journey has been a whirlwind of continuous learning, growth, and innovation. Yet, through it all, Asad and Razia remain true to their roots. “No matter how much we grow, we will always be that family business committed to fostering wellness and improving lives,” Asad affirms.

ZAR Wellness is a testament to what can be achieved when heart, vision, and entrepreneurial acumen meet. It’s a story of a power couple, a successful family business, and a dream that continues to unfold, touching countless lives. As they say in Texas, the Shalami family is not just going big; they’re going monumental, one CBD drop at a time.