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JENNY BETH MARTIN: Our Two-Tiered Justice System Was Here Long Before Biden

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Jenny Beth Martin Jenny Beth Martin is co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest tea party organization, and is also chairman of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund.
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America is in crisis. Tens of millions of our fellow citizens feel disappointment, anger and frustration at what seems to be the clear liberal weaponization of government against us and a two-tiered system of justice, and it has reached the breaking point. I fear that if we cannot find a way to overcome that frustration to secure and win the next election, we may lose the republic we long have revered.

I’ve spent more than a decade now traveling all over the country, meeting and talking with and working with activists making sacrifices to make life better for their families, their neighbors and their communities. I’ve cried with them over their heartaches, and celebrated with them over their victories. I’ve heard their stories, shared their disappointments and made their frustrations my own. (RELATED: SEN. ERIC SCHMITT: Freedom Of Speech Prevails After The Biden Censorship Complex Suffers A Crushing Defeat)

Just about everywhere I go, it seems the disappointment has morphed into outright anger. Activists shrug their shoulders and shake their heads at the latest news, full of proof that our government now has been weaponized and deployed against us, simply for having the audacity to exercise our God-given and Constitutionally protected rights.

As the leader of the nation’s largest Tea Party organization, I lived through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting scandal. I remember my frustration and shocking disbelief then at hearing and then sharing with members of Congress the outrageous individual tales of abuse at the hands of the IRS, only to be told I must be wrong, the IRS would never do something like that.

When it turned out I was right and they were wrong, the IRS not only could do that, but did do that, I don’t remember feeling like I had won the Publisher’s Clearinghouse sweepstakes.

I’m still waiting for someone to be held accountable for that outrage. Lois Lerner, who led a systematic and well-constructed campaign to deny her fellow citizens their rights in pursuit of her own political agenda, was allowed to retire with her full retirement benefits. Dick Durbin and Sheldon Whitehouse, two of the liberal Democrat senators who suggested and encouraged the IRS to target their political opponents, continue their dastardly ways in their Senate sinecures. And Barack Obama, the president who first expressed his supposed anger at learning of the IRS targeting, and then oversaw an internal investigation that led to nothing, has retired to the regular life of a former president, his reputation unsullied.

That was just the first of the recent examples of government weaponization for which there has been no one held accountable, and evidence of a two-tiered system of justice.

A few years later, we had another example of the two tiers, when Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted for her deliberate effort to evade federal record retention laws and her clear mishandling of classified information.

It was just months after that episode that we saw the fruits of the next major example of the liberals’ weaponization of government against conservatives, when the FBI opened its “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation into the Trump campaign for alleged “collusion” with Russia, followed by years of a special counsel investigation, followed by multiple congressional investigations aimed at rooting out the alleged “collusion.” (RELATED: PETER SCHWEIZER: Here Are Some Chilling Details About Biden’s Ministry Of Truth)

Were any of them held accountable? Former FBI Director James Comey has become an author, and makes the talk show rounds. John Brennan and James Clapper and Andrew McCabe all regularly appear on liberal cable TV talk shows, and no one questions the validity of their political analyses, despite their having been demonstrated to have been so terribly wrong about so many fundamental things.

Fast forward to the present day, and we see more evidence of the two tiers, as IRS whistleblowers — and now an FBI supervisory agent who backs up key elements of the whistleblowers’ story — allege political interference in their investigation of a member of the president’s family, and deliberate efforts by an assistant U.S. attorney to shield the president himself from investigation for potential crimes.

On the other side of the ledger, of course, a former president (and the leading presidential candidate of the out party) is about to be indicted — yet again! — by a Justice Department whose senior officials have been appointed by, and who report to, the incumbent president who’s running for reelection.

And let’s not forget last week’s revelation that after a whole seven days of investigation, the Secret Service announced that its “investigation” of a bag of cocaine found at the White House was concluded, with no suspect identified. And White House spokespeople, who last week assured us the Secret Service would “get to the bottom of it,” tell us the White House is satisfied.

Truly, it’s enough to make you pull your hair out.

I don’t know if we’ll be able to right these wrongs. Even if we win the next election, we may find that the entrenched opposition buried deep inside the permanent bureaucracy is so large, so well positioned, so determined to oppose the people’s will that we may be in the fight of our lives to enact the change we so desperately need.

But I do know this — if we don’t find a way to secure and win the next election, we won’t even have the chance to try. (RELATED: LAURA HOLLIS: Hubris Is Killing America)

Jenny Beth Martin is Honorary Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action.

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