‘Corporate Crony Capitalism’: RFK Jr Says Lockdowns Were The ‘Final Straw’ Of ‘Merciless Capitalism’


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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. condemned the COVID-19 lockdowns during a Tuesday town hall on Fox News.

RFK Jr. told Fox News host Sean Hannity that Americans do not live within a truly free market capitalist system, and that the middle class is being exploited under the current economic status quo.

“We don’t have free market capitalism in this country. We have corporate, crony capitalism. We have a system of cushy, socialism for the super-rich, and it is brutal, savage, merciless capitalism for the poor. And it’s all designed to strip the middle class of this country of all of their equity, all of their assets, and move it to the upper-echelons,” he said.

He argued that the covid lockdowns represented a “final straw” and that the pandemic created “a billionaire a day.” He blamed both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden for the “500 days of lockdowns.”

“We moved $4 trillion from the American middle class to the super rich. The people who came into the lockdown with a billion dollars increased their wealth, on average, by 30%” RFK Jr. added. “We closed 3.3 million businesses.”

CNN reported in May 2022, that a new billionaire was created everyday during the pandemic. Billionaires enjoyed a wealth increase from $3.8 trillion to $12.7 trillion, or 42%, during the pandemic, the outlet reported.