26 Die After Wind Causes Boat To Capsize In The Philippines: REPORT

Philippine Coast Guard/Handout via Reuters

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At least 26 people have died and 40 others were rescued after a wind gust capsized a boat in the Philippines Thursday, according to News 5.

The MBCA Princess Aya capsized in the Rizal province’s Laguna Lake after intense winds scared passengers into rushing toward one side of the boat, The Associated Press reported.

Rizal police say a search and rescue operation is ongoing, and it is unclear whether there were any others on board, per The AP. Video obtained by News 5 Philippines shows passengers being tugged to shore and pulled onto stretchers. (RELATED: Fire Breaks Out On Philippine Ferry, Leaving 31 Dead As Passengers Jump Overboard To Escape)

The Philippines have been battered by heavy rain and fierce winds as Typhoon Doksuri thrashes the nation and displaces thousands of its citizens, according to the LA Times. At least 30 people have died as a result of the current storms, The AP noted.

The storms were significant enough to reportedly prompt no-sail orders in many of the Philippines’ northern provinces from Tuesday to Wednesday. But by Thursday many of those orders had been lifted as the storms dissipated, The AP noted. The MBCA Princess Aya had reportedly been cleared to sail from the town of Binangonan to Talim Island, Coast Guard spokesman Armand Balilo said.