Somalian Runner Sparks Outrage After One Of The Most Hilariously Embarrassing Performances You Will Ever See

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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This is straight up comedy gold.

History was made at the FISU 2023 World University Games in Chengdu, China! No, not that kind of history. The event actually saw a Somalian runner record the slowest time ever in a female 100 meters event.

Running the distance in 21.81 seconds, Nasra Ali Abukar finished more than 10 seconds behind the winner of the race (11.4 seconds) and was quickly left out of the camera shot. As a result, her inclusion sparked outrage.

In a clip that has been viewed 27.9 million times on Twitter, one user questioned “how could they select an untrained girl to represent Somalia in running?” saying that it was “shocking” and “reflects poorly on our country internationally.” The main target was Somalia’s Ministry of Youth and Sports.


And that “untrained girl”?

She’s apparently “the niece of the president of the Somali Athletics Federation.”

You truly can’t make this stuff up.

The Somali Athletics Federation said on Somali TV (via Newsweek) that they plan on investigating why Abukar — the president’s niece — was chosen for the race. (RELATED: US Women’s Soccer Continues To Crap On America’s National Anthem While The Rest Of The World Outright Belts Theirs)

Yeah … I’m sure they’ll get right down to that.