Amanda Abbington Does Damage Control Over Resurfaced Tweets Reportedly Opposing ‘Over-Sexualized’ Drag Show For Kids

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Actress Amanda Abbington has deleted her Twitter account and issued an apology after some of her tweets addressing a drag show for kids resurfaced.

Abbington, who was recently cast in the BBC show “Strictly Come Dancing,” made comments on Twitter in March criticizing a drag show where a performer danced in a “highly sexualized way” for children, according to Deadline. (RELATED: Ne-Yo Apologizes For Asking Why It’s A ‘Good Idea’ To Let Kids Pick Their Gender)

“I’m sorry if you feel like you would boycott Strictly for a tweet I made about a drag show,” Abbington said in an Instagram video. “I am not a transphobic person, I am a firm supporter of the legitimate trans community. I always have been.”

“What we need to do now more than ever is just make sure that everybody is looking after each other. It’s fucking toxic out there. It’s horrible,” Abbington said, adding there are people in the transgender movement who “want to cause damage.”

Abbington said in a Facebook post in 2020 that, “You cannot have a penis and want to be referred to as a woman,” according to Deadline.

“I was hounded off Twitter and have repeatedly been accused of being a TERF for simply wanting to have a dialogue about it. A dialogue. Because it isn’t fucken black and white,” Abbington reportedly posted to social media, according to Metro.

Abbington has also been criticized for reportedly liking a post from journalist Sonia Poulton that read in part, “I will not be compelled to call a man a woman & vice versa.”