VENTRY: The Problematic Prosecutors In The Case Against Trump

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Garrett Ventry Contributor
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Our judicial system in the United States is supposed to be based on fairness and equal treatment under the law. Defendants are expected to receive a fair trial, without political bias. In the cases against Donald J. Trump, we are seeing the opposite. A deeply un-American two-tiered justice system is on display, which should be concerning to everyone. Democrats like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton get a pass on classified information, Donald Trump gets indicted.

Equally concerning, however, we are seeing prosecutors stretching the law to get Trump while displaying public political bias and hatred towards him. How is President Trump supposed to expect a fair trial, when the deck is already stacked against him?

Alvin Bragg

The Manhattan indictment against Donald Trump is based on an untested legal theory, according to the New York Times, and is referred to as a “zombie case” according to the Washington Post. What you have here is Alvin Bragg upgrading a misdemeanor case against Trump to a felony. Meanwhile, he is supporting cashless bail and letting dangerous criminals back onto New York City streets. On top of this, Mr. Bragg’s Democrat predecessor refused to bring this case against Trump because it was so weak and the star witness, Michael Cohen, is a disbarred felon. During Bragg’s campaign for district attorney, he campaigned on prosecuting Donald Trump. He also received funding from a Soros-funded group, which has advocated for dangerous defunding the police policies.

Jack Smith

Merrick Garland’s handpicked special counsel also has massive issues regarding political bias and targeting conservatives. Jack Smith was involved in the IRS scandal targeting conservative nonprofits. The U.S. Supreme Court unanimously overturned him after he targeted Republican Governor Bob McDonnell on bogus charges. Jack Smith’s wife also donated to Joe Biden and helped produce a Netflix Documentary for Michelle Obama. David Rody, one of Smith’s prosecutors on the DOJ cases against Trump also donated $5600 to Joe Biden.

His flimsy documents case against Trump is a classic example of two-tier justice. President Trump had the authority to declassify these documents. Under The Presidential Records Act, he had the legal authority to handle and store them. You know who did not have the legal authority to declassify documents because the Presidential Records Act did not apply to him? Then-Vice President and Senator Joe Biden, who stored classified documents in unsecured places like his garage and the unguarded Penn Biden Center.

Smith’s most recent indictment of President Trump is a total assault on the First Amendment. President Trump had the legal authority and constitutional right to raise questions about the election and challenge the results. Democrats challenged the results of the 1968, 2000, 2004, and 2016 election. Does Jack Smith plan on rounding up Al Gore, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and Jamie Raskin? Of course not. There is no chance that President Trump can expect a fair trial in the Jan. 6 case: the Washington D.C. jury pool is overwhelmingly Democrat, the prosecutor is Biden-appointed, and the judge is Obama-appointed.

Fani Willis

As Trump faces a potential indictment in Georgia, it is worth noting that perhaps no prosecutor has displayed more political bias against him than Fani Willis. A judge has already disqualified her from part of this case because she held a fundraiser for the political opponent of the person she was investigating. Willis has made inappropriate public statements, calling this a criminal case, even though the Grand Jury has not ruled on this. She has also commented on Trump’s state of mind. While subpoenaing Lindsey Graham to testify in this investigation, she shared a cartoon mocking him. So again, how can Donald Trump expect a fair trial here? He cannot.

The cases against Donald Trump are proof of our country’s two-tiered justice. You have to ask: why is this happening now? They have had over two years to bring these charges against President Trump. Instead they are doing this right before the election. The answer is simple:

1. President Trump is surging in the polls, Biden is nose diving in the polls.

2. The investigations into Hunter Biden continue to get closer to Joe Biden’s potential involvement.

Look at the timeline: On Nov. 15th, Trump announced his candidacy. On Nov. 18th, Jack Smith was appointed special counsel. On March 17, Hunter Biden admitted the laptop was real. On March 18th, Trump announced Bragg would indict him (it dropped on April 4). On June 8th, Grassley and Comer announced they had an FBI source alleging Biden was involved in a bribery scheme. The DOJ indicted Trump in the documents case the next day. On June 26, Hunter Biden;s plea deal collapsed, after it was revealed it would grant him immunity from future charges. The DOJ hit Trump with additional documents charges the next day. On July 31st, Devon Archer testified about Joe Biden’s knowledge and involvement in Hunter’s foreign business dealings. Like clockwork, the DOJ indicted Trump in the Jan. 6th case the next day.

This is nothing short of the Biden DOJ and Democrat prosecutors targeting his leading political opponent, Donald Trump. Democrats fear they cannot beat Trump at the ballot box, so instead they are trying to throw him in jail.

Garrett Ventry is the former chief of staff to Rep. Ken Buck, and senior communications adviser to the Senate Judiciary Committee and Sen. Chuck Grassley.