World Reaches New Level Of Dystopia As The Cashless Society Gains Terrifying Traction


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A video went viral Saturday of a woman paying for her groceries with her palm, revealing a whole new level of dystopia in a decade defined by human horror.

Amazon announced in July that customers could now start paying for groceries with their palms, according to CBS News. It’s part of the company’s new contactless, cashless payment system that allows customers to hover their palms over an Amazon One device, and the company will take their money and go about their day.

A lot of people assumed that the woman in the video had a microchip implanted. That appears to not be the case in this situation, but given the rhetoric we’ve seen, that’s probably where we’re headed.

Back in 2022, a British-Polish tech company started selling microchip hand implants that link to your digital wallet for just $300, according to KSLTV. The chips were only being sold throughout Britain, Switzerland, and other parts of the European Union. But an American company called 32M started pushing the notion back in 2017, and it all feels like a steady decline toward a cashless society and the hyper-control of humanity through technology. We saw the same in Sweden.

The World Economic Forum published a blog in Aug. 2022 in which the authors advocated for microchipping children, as if this is a natural step toward better healthcare and security (though the latter is definitely true). It’ll be way easier to find, punish, starve, and hurt people if we all have microchips. And instead of bad guys stealing your wallet, they’ll start cutting off hands. Doesn’t that sound great, said no one, ever?

With growing concerns of government tyranny becoming a global norm, some leaders are stepping in to ensure that microchipping/cashless socuety doesn’t go too far. Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said Friday that “more and more people are concerned that cash could be restricted as a means of payment in Austria,” according to The Associated Press.

As a result, he’s proposing a constitutional amendment that would enshrine the use of physical currency for Austrians. (RELATED: Chinese Revolution Survivor Schools American Activist On The Brutality Of Communism In Incredible Exchange)

In response to the video and threat of financial tyranny, Virginia mother Xi Van Fleet, who survived Mao’s cultural revolution in China, said, sarcastically, “In China, people make payment [with] their faces. Isn’t it amazing that we will all become digital slaves!” And I couldn’t agree more.

If it’s between a future in modern society with a microchip, or a future as a new wave off-grid Amish homesteader, I’ll be picking the latter, thank you.