‘Stick It To The Deep State’: Fox Panelist Says Voters ‘Back On Board’ With Trump Despite Charges


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Political pundit Sean Duffy stopped by “The Ingraham Angle” on Tuesday to discuss the state of the 2024 GOP primary.

Host Laura Ingraham opened the segment by acknowledging that former President Donald Trump has a massive lead over the rest of the GOP field, and new polls indicate he may not be a liability in a general election matchup against President Joe Biden. She pointed out that the recent slew of indictments against Trump don’t seem to have hurt him with voters. (RELATED: ‘We’re Kicking Biden’s A**’: Trump Touts Poll Performance Ahead Of Possible 2024 Rematch)

Duffy waved the indictments, suggesting that the allegations that Biden sold foreign policy decisions in exchange for cash are more serious. He also said that the conservative base sees the charges as a politicized Department of Justice (DOJ) attacking the former president.

Duffy also suggested that the indictments have ignited a galvanizing effect on conservative voters who were previously unsure about supporting Trump and were shopping around for other candidates.

“And now to stick it to the Department of Justice, to stick it to the deep state, they’ve come back on board,” Duffy said.

“They’re making him stronger, not weaker,” he said in reference to the indictments, “because there’s a lot of nothing there.”

Duffy asserted that a lot of average citizens, such as parents and pro-life activists, have been targeted by the DOJ, which causes them to empathize with Trump.

“A lot of Americans see that they’re going after Donald Trump, but they see the same thing happening in their communities and in their country. Whether you’re going after parents who are protesting at a school board, your Latin Mass Catholic, your pro-life activist, they’re seeing the Department of Justice classify them as domestic terrorists. And, they’re coming after them,” Duffy said.

Trump currently sits in the driver’s seat of the GOP primary with 52.4% of the vote, according to FiveThirtyEight. Considered his primary rival, Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has collapsed from 23.4% in July to 15.6% of the vote, according to the same data.