‘Americans Are Pretty Sour’: Victor Blackwell Presses KJP On Lagging Poll Numbers


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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CNN’s Victor Blackwell pressed White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Wednesday on a CNN poll that found President Joe Biden to have a 37% approval rating on his handling of the economy and 30% favorability on inflation.

“The latest CNN poll from just days ago showed that Americans are pretty sour on the state of the economy. They think it’s in a downturn or getting worse. About half of respondents, the president’s approval rating for his handling of the economy is at 37%, 30% on inflation specifically. From the White House perspective, why is there disparity between the good story, the narrative you think you have to tell, and how it’s received by the American people?” Blackwell asked.

“As we know, polls don’t show everything,” Jean-Pierre replied. “They don’t tell the full story as you just stated, and we have to remember, if you look at where we were back in the fall of 2022, during the midterm elections, when the president delivered a historic midterms for Democrats, when we think about how as a Democratic president, he delivered a victory that we haven’t seen in decades and he led that messaging throughout those months going into November.”

The press secretary argued the U.S. is in a “stronger position” now than during the midterms. She said Americans are coming out of a pandemic and are still attempting to get back on their feet in terms of the economy. (RELATED: Karine Jean-Pierre Says US Credit Rating Downgrade ‘Defies Reality’) 

Jean-Pierre touted the new “Bidenomics” policy and how inflation is going down, and emphasized how the administration will tell their story of how they’re fixing the economy.