DeSantis Announces Suspension Of Soros-Backed Florida Prosecutor

[Screenshot/Twitter/Ron DeSantis]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced in a Wednesday statement the suspension of a state prosecutor backed by billionaire donor George Soros.

The governor suspended Monique Worrell, an elected state attorney in Orange and Osceola counties, for reportedly failing to impose mandatory sentences for gun and drug crimes and allowing convicted minors to avoid jail time.

“The state of Florida is a law and order state and that means we support the men who wear the uniform who protect and serve. It means we have strong policies to hold criminals accountable for their misconduct,” DeSantis said. “Prosecutors have a duty to faithfully enforce the law. One’s political agenda cannot trump solemn duty. Refusing to faithfully enforce the laws of Florida puts our communities in danger and victimizes innocent Floridians.”

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody defended DeSantis’ decision to suspend Worrell, citing several instances of her dismissing certain charges in comparison to other Democratic prosecutors. Moody argued Worrell’s record proves the suspension is not political. (RELATED: ‘The Most Basic Subversion Of Democracy’: Tucker Cheers DeSantis For Sacking Soros-Backed Prosecutor) 

DeSantis has made crime a key issue in his 2024 presidential campaign. He has appointed Judge Andrew Brain of the Ninth Judicial Circuit to replace Worrell.

“I trust that he will be the prosecutor that faithfully enforces the law and will keep the communities in Central Florida safe,” the governor said.

Worrell’s suspension is DeSantis’ second after he suspended Hillsborough County State Attorney Andrew Warren for refusing to enforce a number of Florida laws, most notably its prohibition of performing sex change operations on minors and the previous 15-week ban on abortion.