‘Non-Judgmental And Affirming’: Gender Clinic’s Services For Kids Include Transgender Hormone Therapy


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Employees at M Health Fairview were given paperwork to inform them of new transgender policies, including offering cross-sex hormones and surgery referrals to children and adolescents, the Daily Caller has learned.

M Health Fairview, formerly known as Health East St. John’s Hospital, offers vaginoplasties, orchiectomies, hysterectomies, and phalloplasties to its patients, according to a webpage posted June 2023. The Minnesota health clinic is the result of a collaboration between University of Minnesota Medical School, University of Minnesota Physicians, and Fairview Health Services. The clinic also follows the guidance of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which recently did away with all age restrictions in its recommendations for gender dysphoric youth.

“Our treatment approach with children and adolescents is non-judgmental and affirming,” the clinic says. “We recognize diversity and fluidity in gender identity and expression. We strive to provide the youth with a safe place to explore who they are and make decisions about how to most authentically express their identity.”

Employees were offered paperwork informing them of the “child and adolescent services” now available at the clinic.

“We also work on developing the resiliency needed to effectively cope with the societal stigma that is unfortunate but often a reality for children/adolescents who are gender creative.” (RELATED: The Left’s Transgender Agenda For Kids Is At A Tipping Point)

The clinic provides “Puberty suppression for children and adolescents” as well as “Consultation on menstrual suppression options for trans youth.” The hospital is also participating in a “qualitative analysis” of a group of “gender diverse” five to eight-year-olds.

“Increasingly, children are sharing that their genders are different from those assigned to them at birth, therefore it is important to have accurate, inclusive measures of gender identity that children are able to understand in order to self-report their own identity,” their website’s description of the analysis reads.

“For our older adolescent clients, our in-house physician provides feminizing and masculinizing hormones. When appropriate, we facilitate referrals for surgery,” the website reads.

The Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) Gender and Sexuality Development Program offered surgery referrals to patients as young as 14.

Telehealth services marked to transgender people, such as Folx Health and Plume Clinic, frequently diagnose patients with gender dysphoria, even when they do not necessarily meet the criteria, according to reporting by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. Folx Health, for instance, explains that some patients may not fit the diagnosis for gender dysphoria but that “the code is needed in order for insurers to pay for the surgery.”

Not only does M Health Fairview follow WPATH’s guidance for transgender-identified youth, but some of its medical providers contributed to the guidance, according to the hospital’s website. WPATH’s most recent guidelines scrapped age restrictions for puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and transgender surgeries, instead emphasizing the “unique” nature of each child’s experience, leaving it up to individual providers to decide at what age to provide transgender treatments.

WPATH set standards of care for those with a “eunuch” gender identity in 2022, recommending castration as a treatment option. Recommended treatments options included hormone suppression, and orchiectomy. In creating these guidelines, WPATH used information from the Eunuch Archive, which the medical organization itself described as “filled with fantasy,” containing stories of child castration, pedophilia and sexual torture.

M Health did not answer the Daily Caller’s repeated requests for comment on whether they have provided cross-sex hormones or sex change surgeries to minors.

“The University of Minnesota’s continued push to promote so called ‘gender-affirming care’ for minors at its M Health clinic is profoundly dangerous and ignores the impossibility of informed consent for the child,” Stanley Goldfarb, Chairman of Do No Harm, said. “‘Gender transitioning’ prior to maturation can lead to physical impairments, including the loss of fertility and a lack of bone strength and brain maturation. Almost invariably, these children need psychotherapy—not hormones, not puberty blockers, and certainly not surgeries.”