Terrifying Video Shows Residents Escaping Wildfire Flames By Fleeing Into The Ocean


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Shocking video footage shows Maui residents desperately jumping into the ocean to flee oncoming wildfires.

Footage posted to TikTok shows several people wading in the water while at least two more individuals climb in as wildfires rapidly approach. The sky was nearly black as smoke engulfed the area. The death toll resulting from these wildfires continues to rise.

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The Coast Guard reportedly rescued civilians who fled into the water and nearby harbor.

As of Friday morning, 55 people have been declared dead due to the devastating fires. Both Maui and Big island are suffering from six fires. Mass evacuations remain underway over what is being described as a “natural disaster,” according to NBC News. The historic town of Lahaina has reportedly been hit the hardest. The Lahaina fire is 80% contained, according to NBC News, but most of the town’s artifacts and value have been lost to the fire. (RELATED: Haunting Videos Emerge From Wildfire-Ravaged Hawaii)

Some survivors have reported not having heard fire sirens, prompting questions on whether Hawaii’s fire system was intact and if it alerted Maui residents to the approaching danger. Residents also reportedly had difficulty calling 911 as power lines and communication infrastructure collapsed. It could take days, possibly weeks, to restore cell service, according to CNN.