Supposedly ‘Progressive’ NBA Coach Steve Kerr Did One Of The Most Racist Things We’ve Ever Seen

(Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for RH)

Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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Steve Kerr has been hiding a heinous secret for far too long.

Well, it’s not really a secret, but it’s breaking news to this French-Canadian sports columnist after seeing a relevant tweet recently. The shocking reveal: Steve Kerr, future NBA Hall-of-Fame coach of the Golden State Warriors and outspoken left-wing activist, named his son Nick.

That’s right. Nick Kerr.

Nick. Kerr.

The younger Kerr was promoted Wednesday to head coach of the Warriors’ G-League team, the Santa Cruz Warriors. Definitely not a nepotism hire, by the way. I’m sure dad is proud.

But let’s get to the real issue. How is the poor PA announcer for the Santa Cruz Warriors supposed to handle this?

“And coaching tonight for your Warriors, NICK KERR!” And the television announcers? A cancelling is imminent.

We all remember a few years back when social media tried to tar and feather an innocent Colorado Rockies fan for shouting “Digger,” the name of the team’s mascot, at a game. With Nick Kerr running the Warriors, there will be at least one career fatality on the way. (RELATED: ‘He Was Shaking’: Trump Mocks Steve Kerr’s ‘Pandering’ To China)

This is especially shocking for Steve Kerr, who fancies himself a staunch progressive ally of all that is righteous and holy. He endorsed President Joe Biden in his 2020 election bid, wants to take guns away from Americans and is a backer of BLM. For him to name his son after a racial slur is a disgusting transgression that cannot be overlooked.