Biological Male Reportedly Breaks Women’s Powerlifting World Record After Appearing To Mock Women For Being Weak

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A transgender powerlifter who keeps telling people he’s a chick set a Canadian “national record” for the sport Sunday, and also allegedly set an unofficial world powerlifting record.

The 40-year-old dude, who goes by the name Anne Andres and identifies as female, holds a slew of titles within the female division, competing in 11 contests over the last four years and placing first in nine of them, Reduxx reported, citing stats from Open Powerlifting. As if things couldn’t get more “South Park,” Andres claimed to be “master 1” in the sport, ignoring his obvious biological asset (he is a man).

For anyone who doesn’t understand: Men partaking in women’s sports doesn’t mean they’re winners. It means they’re taking away the winning spot from a real woman who deserves it.

To make things worse, Andres appeared to mock biological women in a video shared online by former college swimmer Riley Gaines. The content is horrible to watch, and if an actual woman had posted it, she’d be cancelled on the spot.

“Why is women’s bench so bad?” Andres asked the camera. The video doesn’t really make sense, and it’s really sad to see a human who’s apparently in such a distressed position in life that they seemingly feel the need to oppress women instead of getting themselves together.

Imagine being so bad at a sport that you love, that instead of working to become the best, you just change your gender to guarantee wins? (RELATED: ‘Slap In The Face’: Daily Caller’s Kay Smythe Rips Lia Thomas’ ‘Woman Of The Year’ Nomination)

Why isn’t this type of behavior considered cheating at best, and a severe mental health issue at worst? It feels like cheating to me. Also, Andres reportedly set the “national record” in Canada, which barely even counts in Canada. An unnamed source who attended the competition also said Andres set the unofficial world record, according to Reduxx, as if anyone with an ounce of self respect would even care in this context.