Florida Woman Follows In Mother’s Footsteps, Becomes Stripper

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Samuel Spencer Contributor
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Some kids want to be firefighters, others aspire to be doctors, but one girl’s dream of becoming a stripper has finally come true.

Sebrena Verlice, a Tampa resident, always dreamed of following in her mother’s stiletto footsteps by becoming a stripper. Now, at the age of 23, she works 10 to 25 hours a week working the pole, the stage or in private rooms earning up to $10,000 a night, according to SWNS.

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Sebrena’s mom, a former exotic dancer, let her try on some of her old costumes when she was 14, the outlet noted. Ever since Sebrena has aspired to live a life similar to her mother’s. Her mother worked as a stripper in Pennsylvania in the 90s but was forced to retire from the profession following a car accident, per SWNS.

On stripping alone, Sebrena makes enough to afford the expensive living conditions of Tampa, a fully paid off Volkswagon Passat and nearly $20,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries including a Brazilian butt lift and laser hair removal, SWNS reports.

“Some people grow up and want to become an astronaut – but I remember passing by clubs in the car and thinking – ‘I’m going to be a dancer!'” Sebrena said, per the outlet.

The Telegraph notes that the best ways to make money during inflationary periods are to invest in commodities, real estate, infrastructure funds, index-linked bonds and gold. The outlet failed to mention stripping.