‘Lose The Idea’: CNN Analyst Pours Cold Water On Trump Critics Skeptical He Can Win In 2024

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s senior data reporter Harry Enten told viewers Monday to “lose the idea” former President Donald Trump can’t win the general election, noting Trump is “polling better” now than at any other point.

Enten laid out recent polling data showing Trump’s strong lead in Iowa within the Republican field, pointing out “how strong the Trump base is.”

“Nationally, Trump’s lead is even larger,” Enten said, saying while Trump is ahead of other Republican contenders such as DeSantis in state polls, nationally his lead is up, and in some polls, 46% against DeSantis. “Look at these leads for Donald Trump … look at where DeSantis is in all of these polls, look at how far back he is. He doesn’t crack 20% in any of them.” (RELATED: Democrats’ Indictment Frenzy Could Come Back To Bite Them)


“I want you to take a look at how close this race is at this particular point,” Enten said. “The largest lead for Joe Biden is just three points, within the margin of error, no clear leader … If you go back to where we were at this point four years ago Joe Biden’s lead was high single digits to low double digits. This is significantly closer than where we were four years ago. So this idea that Donald Trump can’t win the general election, I want you to lose that idea. This race is very, very close and Donald Trump is polling better right now than basically at any point during the entire point during the 2020 cycle.”

CNN’s Poppy Harlow seemed surprised, noting Trump’s leads in the polls come despite four indictments. During a recent rally, Trump touted his team is “kicking Biden’s ass” in the polls. Experts have noted that Trump has benefited from his indictments.

“With those charges being seen as politically driven, Trump has been able to fight off increasingly serious charges,” GOP polling analyst Jon McHenry told the Daily Caller News Foundation.