Mariah Casillas Raises $10,000 Selling Nudes For Hawaii Wildfire Relief: REPORT


Frances Floresca Contributor
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An OnlyFans model raised $10,000 by selling nudes to help with the wildfire relief in Maui, Hawaii.

GoFundMe reportedly banned Mariah Casillas, also known as Lavagrll, for selling nudes for Maui fire relief efforts. However, Casillas moved her fundraiser to OnlyFans, according to TMZ. The model from Honolulu, Hawaii, reportedly collected $7,800 on GoFundMe before the website put a stop to her fundraiser, even though Casillas claims the nudes were never uploaded to the site.

The fundraising platform then refunded all the money, and she moved the fundraiser to OnlyFans, per TMZ. (RELATED: Hawaii Gov Doubles Down Efforts To Link Climate Change To Tragic Fires)

The move appeared to pay off. Casillas told TMZ she has so far fundraised over $10,000.

She sold a nude to each person who donated $10, according to her Twitter.

“$10 = 1 NUDE,” she wrote.

“I wanted people to be able to tag along and see the progress that the [OnlyFans] page was making. It being on my OnlyFans does deter some people,” Casillas said in an interview with TMZ. “It’s still there, and we’re still making a lot of money. We made a lot of money, honestly, as soon as it went live.”