DeSantis, Ramaswamy Say They Oppose Additional Aid To Ukraine


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Two GOP presidential candidates indicated America should cut back its aid to Ukraine during Wednesday night’s primary debate.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy were the only two candidates out of eight onstage who argued America should not be as heavily entangled in the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Ramaswamy lamented that American politicians are committing significant military resources to help Ukraine, saying there is an “invasion” happening on America’s southern border with Mexico that should be prioritized instead. Ramaswamy further insisted America’s intervention in the Russia-Ukraine war is only hurting America’s goals to mitigate the foreign policy threat coming from China. (RELATED: ‘Rookie!’ – ‘Super PAC Puppet!’: Debate Devolves Into Yelling Match Between Vivek, Pence)

We are driving further into China’s hands,” Ramaswamy said. “The Russia-China alliance is the single greatest threat we face.”

Ramaswamy argued it is “offensive” that American politicians will spend time visiting Ukraine while not doing the same for suffering Americans in places such as Maui, Hawaii, and the South Side of Chicago.

“I think that we have to put the interests of Americans first,” Ramaswamy said.

DeSantis said Europe needs to “pull their weight” in addressing the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Our support should be contingent on them doing it,” DeSantis, speaking about Europe becoming more involved in the conflict. He also added that America needs to more focused on addressing China, rather than Ukraine and Russia.