Conservative Defense Expert Thomas Spoehr Leaves Think Tank Over Its Opposition To Ukraine Aid

Screenshot/YouTube/The Heritage Foundation

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Top policy and defense expert Lt. Gen. (Ret) Thomas Spoehr is leaving the Heritage Foundation, citing the think tank’s opposition to continued aid for Ukraine, according to National Review.

Spoehr, Heritage’s director for their Center for National Defense, submitted his resignation and will be leaving after his final day on September 1, National Review reported.

He had been at odds with Heritage’s new direction, a direction the foundation’s President Kevin Roberts described as “a third way,” per National Review.

A recent op-ed penned by Roberts reportedly influenced Spoehr’s decision. Roberts accused Congress of holding disaster aid for American citizens hostage to send more money to Ukraine.

“If we’re asking better questions and having better analysis about where we get involved, why we get involved, for how long we’re involved, answering the question of what success looks like, if that’s the third way, then you can sign Heritage up for that all day long,” Roberts told National Review in 2022. (RELATED: NATO Member Backs Away From Commitment To Boost Defense Spending)

Heritage is reportedly planning to run an advertisement Wednesday during the RNC’s primary debate preshow. The ad will oppose Ukraine aid, since Heritage seeks to make the issue a critical one for the debate, according to the Washington Examiner.