‘Invasion Across Somebody Else’s Border’: Vivek Slams Politicians For Supporting Ukraine Over Hawaii, Southern Border

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Republican Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy slammed some of his fellow candidates Wednesday night for showing more concern over the invasion of Ukraine than that of America’s southern border.

When asked whether, as president, he would support further funding for Ukraine, Ramaswamy emphatically declared he would not. Calling it “disastrous” that the United States seemingly cares more about the “invasion across somebody else’s border”, Ramaswamy argued that U.S. should be using those same military resources to protect our borders at home.

“I find it offensive that we have professional politicians that will make a pilgrimage to [the Ukrainian capital of] Kiev, to their pope [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy, without doing the same thing for people in Maui or the south side of Chicago or Kensington. (RELATED: Chris Christie Visits Zelenskyy In Ukraine)

Kensington is a neighborhood in Philadelphia that served as a “safe haven” for drug users over the years, but has now devolved into what some observers describe as “hell on earth” as substances such as fentanyl and tranq have become more widely used.

“I think that we have to put the interests of Americans first, secure our own border instead of somebody else’s,” Ramaswamy reiterated. “This is also how we project strength by making America strong at home.”

Ramaswamy added that the largest threat to the U.S. is a stronger Russia – China alliance and by supporting Ukraine, we are only working to deepen that partnership. “We are driving Russia further into China’s hands,” Ramaswamy argued.