‘I’m Concerned They Have A Leak’: Sensitive Biden Admin Docs Keep Ending Up In An Iranian Government-Backed Newspaper

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James Lynch Investigative Reporter
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Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is concerned about what appears to be sensitive U.S. government documents ending up in the hands of Iranian regime friendly media.

McCaul expressed alarm Monday after the Tehran Times, an Iranian outlet friendly to its regime, obtained what appeared to be an internal State Department memo showing U.S. Special Envoy for Iran Robert Malley had his security clearance suspended.(RELATED: Foreign Oligarch Who Allegedly Paid Hunter Biden For ‘Client’ Services Wins Extradition Case In British Court)

“If this memo is authentic, it is extremely concerning especially since this is not the first time the Iranian regime’s mouthpiece has appeared to have sensitive U.S. government information recently while Congress is kept in the dark,” McCaul said in a press release.

“This latest chapter raises serious questions about how the regime obtained this potentially authentic document and what other sensitive or classified information they may have. The State Department needs to do a top to bottom security review, because I am concerned they have a leak,” McCaul added.

The Tehran Times previously published multiple stories with exclusive details on Malley’s downfall and an audio tape of Malley discussing the Biden administration’s Iran policy agenda.

Malley is under investigation from the House Foreign Affairs Committee for allegedly mishandling classified information while he attempted to restart negotiations with Iran as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran nuclear deal agreed to by the Obama administration.

His security clearance was reportedly revoked in July and he was placed on leave by the State Department. McCaul requested documents from the State Department in June related to Malley’s suspension, according to a press release. The State Department informed McCaul in July that it will not answer his questions or provide details on the allegations against Malley.

The FBI is also investigating Malley over his handling of classified materials, CBS reported. It is unclear if the FBI investigation is treating Malley’s situation as a criminal matter.

Malley was fired from Barack Obama’s 2008 Democratic presidential campaign for organizing communications with Iran-backed terrorist group Hamas, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Iran is listed on the State Department’s list of countries of particular concern because of systematic violations of religious freedom. The U.S. government advises Americas not to travel to Iran because of wrongful detention risks and other potential hazards.

A spokesperson for the State Department told the Daily Caller it is aware of the Tehran Times reports and declined to comment on internal matters. The spokesperson also said Malley remains on leave.