McConnell Freezes Up Again Mid-Speech During Press Conference

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell froze up again during a press conference Wednesday afternoon, marking the second such incident in just over a month.

During the press conference in Kentucky, McConnell failed to respond after a reporter asked him his thoughts on “running for reelection in 2026.” The senator, who took office in 1985, attempted to mumble something before falling silent. After around 10 seconds of silence, an aide approached McConnell and asked if he’d heard the question. McConnell appeared to whisper “Yes” in response before falling silent again.

“Alright, I’m sorry, y’all, we’re gonna need a minute,” the aide said. She and another aide spoke to McConnell, who appeared to deliver inaudible responses before regaining his composure, at which point the aide asked for another question from the press.

McConnell then managed to respond to an inquiry about former President Donald Trump, saying he would not comment on the presidential race.


In late July, McConnell appeared to freeze up during a weekly GOP press conference and had to be ushered away by other Senate Republicans. (RELATED: McConnell Literally Freezes Mid-Speech, Ushered Away From Podium In Bizarre Incident)

McConnell previously suffered a concussion and broken rib after falling at a Washington, D.C., hotel in March.