Plastic Surgeon Estimates Joe Biden Spent $100,000 On Face Lifts And Hair Implants


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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President Joe Biden may have spent as much as $100,000 on face lifts and hair implants, a plastic surgeon estimated in a viral TikTok video posted on July 31.

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“President Biden is now 82 years old… I think he’s definitely had some plastic surgery,” Dr. Gary Motykie said in the video.

Dr. Motykie explained that Biden did not receive drastic plastic surgery recently but likely had incremental work done throughout the years. He claimed that the president underwent a hair transplant, brow lift, face lift and lower blepharoplasty (rejuvenation of the eyelids). (RELATED: Kylie Jenner Admits To Plastic Surgery, Shares Regrets)

The California body sculptor compared decades old photographs of Biden to those from recent years as evidence of the “telltale signs of plastic surgery.” He observed that the president’s “hair was thinning quite dramatically” in previous photos, explaining that “the unnaturalness of the hairline” and “the way the hair was grafted” in newer photos indicates that he received “one of the older techniques” of hair transplant.

Dr. Motykie surmised that Biden received a brow lift because of the “unnatural appearance” of his brow lines and that Biden’s “pixie ears” and the “pull on the side of his face” indicate a face lift. Botox and fillers were likely used as touchups over time, the plastic surgeon added.

Large majorities of voters, including Democrats, have expressed concerns about Biden’s age and health amid his 2024 reelection campaign. In February, Biden was deemed “fit for duty” by his physician after an annual examination. However, the president has privately admitted to feeling “tired,” a forthcoming book alleges.