Christina Pushaw Ambushed By Far-Left Activist Outside Her Home

[Screenshot/Twitter/Grant Stern]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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A far-left activist ambushed Christina Pushaw, the rapid response director for Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, outside of her home in Miami on Wednesday.

Occupy Democrats executive editor Grant Stern snuck up behind Pushaw to ask about a rumor alleging DeSantis plans to drop out of the 2024 presidential primary and run against Republican Florida Sen. Rick Scott in the Senate race.

“Christina, is Ron going to drop out of the race? Is Ron DeSantis gonna drop out?” he said.

Pushaw turned around when her name was called, and then immediately rushed inside as he neared her.

“Is Ron DeSantis gonna stay in the race or is he gonna go join the Senate race?” Stern asked.

The Daily Caller did not publish Stern’s video due to it being filmed outside of her private home.

Stern told the Daily Caller he recognized Pushaw as she walked by outside the window of a “midtown Miami restaurant” he was eating breakfast at. At that point, he left the restaurant and asked Pushaw for a comment about the rumor.

Former President Donald Trump claimed in a Truth Social post DeSantis planned on dropping out of the presidential race to run in the Senate race. DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin confirmed this allegation to be false. (RELATED: DeSantis’ Spokeswoman Shreds WaPo For 2,000-Word Article Whining About Her Tweets) 

“This is fake news. Clearly, Donald Trump and his army of consultants are panicked about @RonDeSantis’ winning debate performance and the strong momentum that has followed,” Griffin said in an Aug. 28 tweet. “They know this is a two-man race, and we will carry this on to a win in this presidential primary. Instead of pushing fake news from New Jersey, the Trump campaign should be focused on getting their candidate on the campaign trail in Iowa and on the debate stage before it’s too late.”

DeSantis is trailing behind Trump by over thirty points in Republican primary polling as of Wednesday, according to FiveThirtyEight. The former president currently holds 50.3% of support while DeSantis has garnered 14.8%.