We’re Getting The Sense That This Guy Doesn’t Like COVID Vax Mandates


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Editor’s note: This story has been updated after initially referring to the man in the video as Officer Lew. Officer Lew shared the clip, but he is not the subject speaking.

A viral video of a man shredding COVID vaccine mandates circulated on the internet on Wednesday.

The unnamed man could be seen in his car lambasting the Biden administration for attempting to push vaccines on the public and slamming Republicans for not being forceful enough in fighting against vaccine mandates. He explained that he just finished watching a video in which President Joe Biden called for the development of a “new vaccine” and the creation of mechanisms to push people to take it.

“Imma explain something very fucking clear to you,” he said in the video shared by Officer Lew.

He warned the Biden administration that he will retaliate against any attempts to force him to take a vaccine.

“If you think for one second, you’re gonna force me to take any fucking thing that you tell me to do, I will fuck you up homie. You, and whatever motherfucking army you send in the process. It will be a cold day in hell where I’ll be told what to do. Bitch, this is not a dictatorship,” he said.

“If you wanna take the vaccine, do what the fuck you want to do. If a million other people want to take this shit you come out with, do what the fuck you want to do. But, I know for a fact in this great country, the United States of America, you can’t fucking make me take nothing.” (RELATED: Corporate Media Is Pushing Covid Hysteria Again…)

He then slammed Republicans for not being forceful enough in fighting against the vaccine mandates.

“And all y’all punk ass Republicans sitting around just doing all this talking. I don’t want to hear no more talking from no more Republicans. I don’t want to hear no more motherfucking talking from none of these Republican candidates. Because, if you a Republican candidate right now, and you stand on a platform, and you not got your ass out here trying to stop these people from what they’re doing, fuck you and I mean that,” he said.

He says that the Biden administration has crossed “other lines” that he has remained silent on. However, he will not stay silent on what he sees as an invasion of his liberties. He also accused the government of attempting to “cause another pandemic.” (RELATED: Study On COVID Misinformation Is — You Guessed It — Chock Full Of COVID Misinformation)

“I was born free. Imma live free and imma die free, and so is my kids,” he said.

He added that his convictions are so strong that he’s “willing to die about this shit.”

“I’m willing to die about my freedom. I’m willing to die about my medical independence. I’m willing to die about everything except, what? I won’t be a motherfucking slave, and you won’t force me to do nothing. And, I’m standing 10 toes on that shit, bitch.”