Three People Found Dead At Remote Campsite Were Trying To Escape Society, Family Says


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Three people found dead at a Rocky Mountain campsite in July were apparently trying to flee modern society, but were totally unequipped, their family said Friday.

The bodies of Christine Vance, Rebecca Vance, and Rebecca’s son were discovered by a hiker who went off trail in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains in July, according to The Associated Press. The three bodies were well into a stage of decomposition, and were believed to have been laying in place since late 2022.

Trevala Jara, the step-sister of one of the women found at the site, said Friday that she believes the women and child died after fleeing to the wilderness to escape modern society. Through tears, Jara said that she begged her family members not to go, believing they were totally unequipped to deal with living off-grid.

Apparently Rebecca Vance “thought that with everything changing and all, that this world is going to end… (They) wanted to be away from people and the influences of what people can do to each other,” Jara noted. (RELATED: ‘The Last Of Us’ Ep3 Explains How The End Of The World Happened In 3 Days, And It’s Terrifying)

Two of the bodies were inside a zipped-up tent, while another was just outside the camp. “This is not a typical occurrence anywhere, by any means,” local Gunnison County Sheriff Adam Murdie said at the time. The discovery was somewhat of a mystery initially, as it was unclear whether the family members froze to death or starved, or both.