Pennsylvania Prison Releases Video Showing Convicted Murderer’s Escape

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — User: PhillyCrimeUpd

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The Chester County Prison released surveillance footage Wednesday showing how an “extremely dangerous” convicted murderer made his escape the morning of Aug. 31.

In the footage shared with WPVI News, Danelo Cavalcante can be seen walking towards a door at the Chester County Prison. After looking over his shoulder, Cavalcante braces himself against a wall, leans forward and places his hands on the wall just opposite before stepping his feet back to the wall behind him. In this prone position, Cavalcante easily scales up the wall and out of view of the camera, the video shows.

Cavalcante, a former gang member in Brazil, received a life sentence one week prior to his escape for the brutal stabbing murder of his former girlfriend, Deborah Brandao. Cavalcante stabbed Brandao to death in front of her two children in April 2021, the district attorney’s office said in August. Brandao was killed after threatening to call the authorities when she learned of the homicide allegations against Cavalcante in Brazil.

Since his escape from the Chester County Prison, Cavalcante has been spotted four times as Pennsylvania police comb through the dense forested area around the prison in search of him. “Our goal right now is to find this man and capture him,” Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan stated, according to CBS News Philadelphia. “We are channeling all of our efforts to bring him into custody.” (RELATED: Two School Districts In Pennsylvania Shut Down As Search For Escaped Murderer Continues)

In addition to setting up a perimeter around the prison as a search zone, Pennsylvania State Police have been broadcasting a message — recorded by Cavalcante’s mother in Portuguese — urging him to surrender. “If he’s not actively surrendering, deadly force is authorized,” Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said, according to the outlet.