Shermichael Singleton Shuts Down Kevin Walling When He Claims Biden’s Economy Is Working

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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SiriusXM host Shermichael Singleton shut down former Biden Campaign Surrogate Kevin Walling on Wednesday while on “Faulkner Focus” after Walling claimed Biden’s economy is working.

The panel was discussing President Joe Biden’s age amidst concerns he’s too old. A recent Wall Street Journal poll found Biden lags 10 points behind former President Donald Trump when it comes to mental fitness to hold office.

Faulkner noted an interview with former Democratic Sen. Dennis DeConcini who said Democrats face a serious challenge if Biden doesn’t run because Vice President Kamala Harris likely wouldn’t win.

Walling said he would rather support Biden despite his age than Trump who faces a mountain of legal troubles.

Singleton then noted the WSJ poll, which also found Trump leads Biden by 11 points on the question of who has a better record. Fifty-eight percent of those polled also said the economy has worsened under Biden, and a majority of those polled disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy.

Singleton argued Americans are willing to support Trump over Biden because despite his legal troubles, they trust him to run the economy better. Walling jumped in, saying while he understands Biden may not be connecting with people on the economy, “the job situation is the best it’s ever been in 50 years.” Walling added that “inflation is down from that 9%.”

“There is a disconnect when you look at polling,” Walling argued. (RELATED: Scarborough Calls Out MSNBC Analyst Who Tries To Downplay WSJ Poll On Biden)

“Jobs is not a good metric, Harris. Most people can find a job, but wages haven’t increased with inflation,” Singleton shot back.

“That’s a good thing for this country —” Walling said.

“That the wages haven’t increased?” Faulkner jumped in.

“‘That’s not a good thing. That’s a terrible thing!” Singleton said.

“A good thing that people can find jobs that are well paying,” Walling tried to explain, arguing wages are up.

“But they’re not up, my friend, and you know that,” Singleton said.

Faulkner then interjected noting that a lot of the jobs are ones that have returned after being lost due to the pandemic stifling the economy.

“If the wages are not keeping up with inflation, that is a problem Kevin and that is one of those non-transparencies we’re getting out of the White House. You are furthering that by saying that out loud. You know that you need more money now to buy the same stuff, particularly if that stuff includes food.”

“That’s true, and we’re working on that,” Walling claimed.

“Biden’s been working on that for 50 years. He hasn’t solved it yet. I think it’s time to move in a new direction,” Singleton said before Faulkner ended the segment