Oklahoma School Defends Hiring Drag Queen Arrested On Drug, Porn Charges

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Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A public elementary school is defending hiring a drag queen who was arrested on child porn possession, per the Daily Caller. How does a school district even defend that?

Western Heights Public School District in Oklahoma hired a 52-year-old man named Shane Murnan to be an elementary school principal. Murnan was arrested on suspicion of having child porn on his phone in 2001.

Murnan later got the charges expunged because his lawyer argued there was no way to prove the age of the people in the pictures on his phone. He then served probation for a drug charge and was rehired into the school system just a few years later.

Murnan is also a drag queen who won Miss Gay Oklahoma America and works at a gay bar that hosts “Sunday gospel brunch.”

There’s a point where acceptance has gone too far, and this is it.

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