Prosecutors Request Bond Be Revoked For Mother Of 6-Year-Old Who Shot Teacher

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Prosecutors in Virginia have asked a federal judge to revoke the bond of the mother whose 6-year-old child allegedly shot first-grade teacher Abigail Zwerner in January.

Deja Taylor, who pleaded guilty in June to federal charges of having a gun while possessing marijuana and lying on a federal background check form when she purchased the handgun, was released on bond while awaiting sentencing under conditions that she refrain from drug use, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

Prosecutors are now asking for that bond to be revoked, claiming in a motion filed Sept. 1 that Taylor has violated the conditions of her bond after testing positive for both marijuana and cocaine, failing to appear for two drug screenings and missing two scheduled drug treatment sessions, the outlet stated.

“These violations are serious and call into question the defendant’s danger to the community, respect for the law and this Court’s Orders, and gives the United States no faith that the defendant will abide by the terms of her court supervision since her conduct is repeated and not merely one mistake,” Assistant U.S. Attorneys Lisa McKeel and Peter Osyf wrote, according to AP.

Taylor also pleaded guilty in August to state charges of child neglect after prosecutors argued that her son, who has an “acute disability,” had obtained the handgun allegedly used to injure Zwerner from his mother’s purse. Although the child had previously attempted to steal his mother’s car keys, prompting her to put them in a lock box, Taylor continued to keep the gun in her purse, prosecutors stated.

Taylor told investigators she believed her gun was secured with a trigger lock, but agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives claimed they never found a trigger lock after conducting searches at her home. (RELATED: Family Of 6-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Shooting His Teacher Speaks Out)

Taylor’s attorney, James Ellenson, announced that he would be fighting the motion to revoke his client’s bond. “Like so many Americans, my client Ms. Deja Taylor has serious substance abuse issues that are exacerbated by mental health issues. We would ask for compassion and understanding at this critical time in her life. As always, we hope for a continued speedy recovery for Ms. Abigail Zwerner,” Ellenson stated, according to 13 News Now.