Portland Schools May End Grade Penalties For Cheating

Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Portland Public School District is considering a range of new equitable grading practices, including no longer penalizing a student’s grade if they’re caught cheating, per a memo obtained by journalist Zaid Jilani.

The memo states that under the new equity policy, students who caught cheating will face disciplinary action, but no grade penalization. That’s the main reason to cheat, though! I’m confused. If a student gets in trouble, they still get a good grade on a test they didn’t take? Make it make sense.

Jilani also noted that there’s minimal coverage of this increased equity insanity from the mainstream media.

“When a small school in Florida or Tennessee moves a book around in the library it’s national news but when we see more school systems reshape the entire educational tradition for reasons of equity it rarely gets attention,” Jilani tweeted.

Racism is good and moving porn out of school libraries is bad, according to the media’s logic.

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