Surveillance Video Shows 12-Year-Old Florida Boy Pulling Unconscious Man From Bottom Of Pool


Kate Hirzel Contributor
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A surveillance video shows a 12-year-old Florida boy rescuing a man suffering a medical emergency in a swimming pool.

Austen MacMillan demonstrated remarkable heroism when he rescued behavioral therapist Jason Piquette from drowning in the family’s pool, WSVN reported Saturday. The outlet did not provide a date for the incident.

MacMillan pulled Piquette from the bottom of the pool and administered CPR, a skill he said he learned watching TV.

“I pulled him out of the water, and then I pulled him to that shore,” MacMillan said in an interview with the outlet, gesturing to the pool steps. The pool has a shallow area which made it easier for MacMillian to keep Piqutte’s head above the water. When Piquette wasn’t breathing, MacMillan said, “I gave him CPR.” (RELATED: Video Shows Moment Ex-Marine Rescues Swimmer Trapped In Rip Current)

As the boy performed chest compressions, he also shouted for help, summoning his father to the scene. “I heard him yelling in a frantic way that I’ve never seen him [do] ever before,” Andrew MacMillan told WSVN. “So I immediately dropped all my groceries and ran through the gate.”

Piquette told the outlet that he “wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for [MacMillan].”

“He is an absolute hero, and he always will be,” Piquette added in his interview with WSVN.

In order to promote emergency preparedness within their community, the MacMillan family intends to organize a CPR class, per the outlet.

“I am so proud of [Austen]; he is so brave, and I can’t even imagine being in that position,” Christina MacMillan, the boy’s mother told WSVN.