Tennessee Teacher In Custody For Allegedly Raping Boy At Her Home

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A teacher in Tennessee is in custody following allegations of sexual misconduct with “multiple juveniles,” including a boy 12 years or younger who was reportedly raped at her home in 2021, police say.

Alissa McCommon, 38, was arrested and charged with the rape of a child on Sept. 8 after law enforcement officials received information on Aug, 24 from the Tennessee Department of Children Services (DCS) regarding allegations of sexual misconduct involving a teacher and a former student, a release from the Covington Police Department stated.

McCommon, who was a teacher at the Challenger Academy in Tipton County, allegedly befriended former students and began playing video games with them before further connecting with them through social media and messaging apps, the police stated. Eventually, police allege the communications with her former students turned sexual and led to the sharing of inappropriate photos and requests for intimate relations.

Covington police stated that their investigation broadened after they received information that another victim or victims had been identified outside of the Covington city limits, requiring them to work in coordination with the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO).

The allegations, which were initially brought by a parent of one of the purported victims, were presented to the school on Aug. 24. District officials, upon learning of the allegations against McCommon, suspended her without pay, WREG reported.

Covington Police Chief Donna Turner further alleged that McCommon had sexual relations with a boy — identified as 12 years old or younger — at her home. “It is unbearable. It’s unspeakable and it’s 100 percent preventable. I think that’s why the detectives and we are so passionate about making sure victims are okay,” Turner told WREG. (RELATED: Ex-Teacher Charged With Allegedly Blindfolding, Sexually Assaulting Kids During Vision Test)

Turner assured that an investigation into the “terrible exploitation and abuse of these young boys” would continue, adding that it would likely determine whether other adults would be held accountable, including those who might have been aware of the abuse and “allowed or provided locations for such illegal acts to occur,” the police chief stated in the release.
“I have also spoken with the US Attorney’s Office, and we intend to pursue any appropriate federal charges related to the sexual exploitation of these victims utilizing cellphones, inappropriate relations, and activities across jurisdictional State lines. We will prosecute this case to the fullest and will continue to support the victims and their families during all aspects of the investigation,” Turner assured in the release.

McCommon’s lawyers have defended their client, telling the WREG the accusations against the former teacher are a “witch-hunt on social media.”

“What we’re asking is that the public be patient and allow the justice system to do its job and not create further persecution on the alleged victims or on the family of the defendant,” McCommon’s attorney, Jere Mason, stated, according to the outlet.