‘Huge Catastrophe’: JD Vance Says US’ ‘Blank Check’ Spending Focus On Ukraine Is ‘Massive Strategic Victory’ For China


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Republican Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance broke down why continuing to fund Ukraine’s war effort is not in America’s best interest on Tuesday’s edition of “The Ingraham Angle.”

Vance scoffed at the notion that America should continue to send Ukraine resources to guarantee their “success” in their conflict against Russia.

“The president refuses to define success and refuses to actually tell us how much money we have to spend and how much time we have to spend to get to that success. This is a classic military quagmire. This is what we’ve been told for generations that we have to avoid — a blank check that is unlimited, that sends money out the door without any obvious benefit to our national interest,” he said.

“Why don’t we at the very least demand to know what that money’s going to buy and how it gets us closer to victory?” Vance asked. (RELATED: REPORT: Biden Admin Aid To Ukraine Amounts To Nearly $900 Per American Household)

Host Laura Ingraham pointed out that politicians who support funding the Ukraine war are not reflecting the interests of their own constituents. Vance agreed with the assessment.

“You hear this slogan again and again, ‘It’s not just the right thing to do, but it’s in our own interest.’ But they never define how it’s in our own interests. And here’s what this war’s costing us: potentially a worldwide food crisis, because Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe, God forbid a potential nuclear war if this thing escalates further. Europe already has an energy crisis. We’re destabilizing allied governments in Eastern Europe because they can’t afford food or fuel for their citizens,” Vance added.

“So we’re not just sending $150 billion. We’re actually causing significant problems for ourselves. It is not in our interests to continue to fund this indefinitely.”

Ingraham pointed out that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made “overtures” to Russian President Vladimir Putin, indicating that the two may have a blossoming relationship.

“Russia’s getting closer to China, closer to North Korea. And, oh, by the way Laura, you have to remember we don’t make enough of our own artillery shells, our own munitions to actually fund, God forbid, a future military conflict, if it ever came with China. So we’re actually firing bullets in Russia and in Ukraine that we need for ourselves. This is a massive depletion of our own military resources,” Vance said.

“This is a huge, huge catastrophe, Laura,” Vance continued. “Why does China want the war between Russia and Ukraine to continue indefinitely? Why do they want America to continue to feed billions of dollars into Ukraine? Because it distracts us from the real threat, which is the Chinese. This is a massive, massive strategic victory for China because, every minute that we focus on Russia is a minute that we’re not focused on China.”

The Biden administration has shown few signs of slowing down the country’s investment for the war in Ukraine. On Tuesday, rumors swirled that the Biden administration is close to sending Ukraine a long-range missile system, a move that has some worried that the conflict may carry into Western Europe. The president’s reelection campaign launched a television ad touting his support for Ukraine in September and, in August, news surfaced that his administration is seeking a long-term funding deal for Ukraine to prevent the next president from slashing aid.