Tom Brady Impresses With Super Smooth Basketball Game In Viral Video

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Samuel Spencer Contributor
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The GOAT of football, Tom Brady, is surprisingly good at basketball, too. Could the famed quarterback have had a career in the NBA?

The 46-year-old retired NFL player posted a video of himself playing basketball with his son, Jack, and the internet is shocked at how well the former football player can play.

The video showcases the seven-time NFL champion and his son practicing with legendary basketball coach, Chris Brickley, at the BlackOps basketball facility in New York City on Monday, according to Sports Illustrated. Sporting a clean pair of white Nike Airforces, Brady clearly has ice in his veins, draining three after three. The former quarterback was honored at the New England Patriots game in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the night before.

In fact, Brady will be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame despite the standard four-year waiting period, franchise owner Robert Kraft announced Sunday. (RELATED: Former Teammate Kyle Rudolph Reveals How Tom Brady Acted Behind The Scenes)

It is standard procedure to wait a reasonable amount of time before honoring successful NFL players. Considering Brady had a more-than-successful career, it is not entirely surprising the Patriots made this decision. He will be inducted officially in summer 2024, according to Yahoo Sports.

Some ex-athletes lose their fitness, but not Tom Brady. He is still out here being active, traveling and spending quality time with his kids. I guess dropping dimes to wide receivers translates into shooting threes.