Democrat Activist Waves A Folding Chair Over Attendees At Heated School Board Meeting, Witnesses Say

The Daily Caller

Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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A democrat activist raised a chair and allegedly almost hit an 85-year-old man during a heated school board meeting Tuesday, according to multiple people in the room during the incident.

Steve Sullivan, the husband of School Board Director Tabatha Dell’Angelo, allegedly raised the chair after another attendee threw papers in the face of Sullivan, attendees tell the Daily Caller. Police escorted both men out of the meeting room after the altercation, and public comment at the Central Bucks, Pennsylvania meeting was closed for the night.

“It was terrifying,” Vonna DeArmond, an attendee at the meeting, told the Caller.

“My understanding is, Tim [the man who threw the papers] — and it seems as they were talking to the police — they both decided not to press charges against each other because apparently even just shoving papers at somebody can be considered assault,” DeArmond said. (RELATED: ‘Smear Parents’: Parental Rights Advocates Sound The Alarm As Bill Targeting Parents Moves Through Legislature)

Paul Martino, the son of the elderly man who stepped between Steve Sullivan and the man he was reportedly lunging for, Tim Daly, told the Caller Sullivan “went to throw” the chair.

“Good ol’ Dad, he didn’t back away,” Martino said.

Martino said while he could not excuse the actions of Daly throwing the papers at Sullivan, Sullivan’s reaction was an “escalation.”

“He said in the meeting, I was wrong, I will leave and he took that away as an issue. I have publicly stated that Tim’s behavior was inappropriate, but the escalation by Steve was at a whole different level.”

“Somebody threw the papers and then Steve, who is a democratic committee man in Buck County, picked up a chair to try to like attack it. And I moved out of the way and there was an 85-year-old man behind me who like basically got in the way, too,” Jamie Walker, a mother of three children in the district said.

Dana Hunter, president of the school board, said Daly had submitted a right-to-know request against Dell’Angelo, and that the papers contained information he had gathered from the process.

Sullivan told them Daly said something “obscene” about his wife before throwing the papers at him, local news outlet Philly Burbs reported. Hunter, who says she has reviewed numerous videos of the incident audience members took, disputed Sullivan’s claim.

“There was no derogatory comment, other than saying, ‘Here you go, buddy,’ and tossing the papers. He did not make any, other than the public comments regarding the right to know, he did not make any comments about Dr. Dell’Angelo.”

Sullivan claimed to the Philly Burbs he stood up after Daly allegedly made the comments, and his hand got stuck in the chair.