‘I Want Your Daughter’: AI Was Creepy Enough Already, But Sean Penn Just Made It A Billion Times Creepier


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous actor and director Sean Penn made a creepy sexual reference during a recent interview with Variety.

The star was asked to share his thoughts on the current strikes affecting Hollywood, and he responded by sharing a downright cringey example to convey his perspective.

“So you want my scans and voice data and all that. OK, here’s what I think is fair: I want your daughter’s, because I want to create a virtual replica of her and invite my friends over to do whatever we want in a virtual party right now,” Penn said, according to Variety.

The startling comment highlighted his anger on the topic of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in film.

Penn was angered by the thought of the likenesses and voices of SAG actors being exploited by AI, and crafted an example to further his point in a graphic manner.

Penn suggested that a camera crew be set up in a room, with executives and studio heads gathered in the space. He then stated the trade that was on the table — for him to have people’s daughters attend for the virtual party.

“Would you please look at the camera and tell me you think that’s cool?” Penn demanded.

He reportedly paused after making the bold statement, as the reporter concluded that he was indeed being serious about his suggestion.

“It’s not about business,” he said. “It’s an indecent proposal.” (RELATED: Actor Billy Porter Says He’s Been Forced To Sell His House Due To Hollywood Strikes)

He went on to further demonstrate his point.

“That they would do that and not be taken to task for it is insulting. This is a real exposé on morality — a lack of morality,” Penn said.