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ASHLEY HAYEK: Secret Chinese Biolabs On American Soil? The Shocking Story Of Prestige Biotech

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Ashley Hayek Contributor
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In a quiet rural town, a chilling discovery has been made that threatens the very fabric of our nation’s security. Sources have unveiled evidence suggesting an illicit laboratory, possibly orchestrated by one of our greatest adversaries—China—was meticulously hidden in plain sight, banking on the serene obscurity of its location. Its contents? Cultures of some of the most devastating pathogens known to humanity: COVID-19, tuberculosis, HIV, and malaria.

Such a revelation raises disturbing questions about the motives behind this covert operation, and exposes a potential vulnerability in our national defenses. If these allegations prove true, we are confronting a biological hazard and the chilling possibility of a deeply embedded, invisible enemy among us. Instead, we’ve learned our government funded it.

Prestige Biotech’s California lab needs to be on everyone’s radar. This shocking discovery should dominate headlines and spark nationwide outrage in a world still reeling from the aftereffects of the COVID-19 epidemic. Yet there is a deafening and unsettling silence. Leftists in the elite media control rooms and positions of government power seem curiously uninterested. And if the implications of this lab are as dire as the preliminary findings suggest, it’s a story we can’t afford to sideline. (RELATED: GORDON CHANG: Don’t Let China Attack America From Within)

Consider the gravity of the story: An illicit biological warehouse, potentially operated by the nation implicated in the global spread of COVID, hidden in plain sight until an accidental discovery. Were it not for a keen-eyed local code enforcement officer noticing an inconspicuous hose extending from the rear of the building, this covert operation might have continued undetected, with unforeseeable consequences.

Prestige Biotech used the California lab to bioengineer and infect almost 1,000 mice in inhumane conditions with diseases such as HIV, E. Coli, malaria, and COVID-19. They did this without a proper license, prompting a public health official to warn government officials that legal requirements to maintain and control infectious agents were utterly absent from this warehouse.

The justification from the lab was unconvincing; it claimed its primary objective was merely the development of tests for COVID and pregnancy. Yet, the breadth of pathogens discovered tells a different story, with over 20 infectious diseases uncovered, along with hundreds of dead, bioengineered mice.

This isn’t the first time Prestige Biotech’s first venture into such operations. Canada and Texas expelled this Chinese company before Prestige Biotech established itself in California. Its facility eerily resembles the notorious Wuhan lab, acting as an unauthorized hub for medical waste on American soil.

And the most infuriating revelation of all? American taxpayers unknowingly funded this operation.

We know this thanks to the diligent efforts of our representatives. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA) have revealed that Prestige Biotech received $150,000 in Paycheck Protection Program loans. In a commendable move to uphold the integrity of our national funding system, they’ve written a letter calling for the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee to investigate the potential misuse of federal funds meant to support genuine American businesses facing pandemic-induced challenges.

While these efforts are commendable, more is needed. The time is overdue for America to hold China accountable and ensure China faces the consequences of its actions. (RELATED: CARLA SANDS: Biden’s Biggest Gift To China)

Can anyone envision a scenario where this could happen in China? Of course not. Reciprocity doesn’t exist. 

Prestige Biotech’s operation symbolizes the deep-rooted influence of the CCP in America. Through economic leverage, they continue to reshape our cultural narrative. Our media broadcasts a steady stream of “woke” content, much of which adheres to China’s stipulations. Academically, Confucius Institutes backed by the Chinese government permeate our higher education system, serving more as propaganda machines than educational entities. Our communities are devastated by lethal fentanyl produced primarily in China and brought across the US border. And, alarmingly, there’s the political stranglehold. Allegations have arisen about our current President and his son receiving financial incentives from this global adversary.

We cannot afford to be passive spectators. This is not only about one illicit lab; it’s about safeguarding our nation’s integrity, values, and future. We must rally, demand transparency, and seek accountability—not just from foreign entities but also from our officials who have allowed such trespasses. 

The call to action is clear: Stand up, speak out, and ensure America remains America.

Ashley Hayek is the Executive Director of America First Works and former Trump 2020 Campaign Coalitions Director.

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