EXCLUSIVE: Texas State Rep Urges County Leaders To Ban All Vaccine Mandates, Says Biden ‘Trying To Bring Back COVID Tyranny’

(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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GOP Texas State Rep. Brian Harrison is urging county leaders in his state to preemptively ban all COVID-19 vaccine mandates in a letter provided exclusively to the Daily Caller.

The Odessa City Council adopted a resolution Tuesday that would ban the enforcement of any mask mandates, business lockdowns or vaccine mandates in the city. Harrison’s bill, “Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act,” failed in the House in June 2023 and in October 2021. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: HHS Appears To Forget To Redact Email Calling For Expanded COVID-19 Mandates For Students)

“As Joe Biden and others are trying to bring back COVID tyranny, I want to make you aware that the City of Odessa just took bold action to protect its citizens from these COVID mandates by passing a resolution to ban all COVID vaccine mandates in their jurisdiction. All cities and counties should follow their lead!” reads the letter, which will be sent to all 254 Texas counties.

“I respectfully ask you to exercise the authority you possess to protect your citizens from tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates by passing the Texas COVID Vaccine Freedom Act in the form of a resolution or ordinance.”

“Since the leadership of the Texas House chose to deprive 30 million Texans of medical freedom by keeping COVID mandates in Texas, I am encouraging local officials to step up and protect their citizens from tyrannical COVID vaccine mandates,” Harrison told the Caller in a statement. “I am proud to lead the fight to bring medical freedom back to Texas, and am excited to see cities and counties act!”

Odessa’s resolution banned the enforcement of both federal and state-level lockdowns and took effect immediately.

“[A] person may not take an adverse action or impose a penalty of any kind against an individual lawfully residing in this City for the individual’s refusal or failure to obtain a medical treatment involving the administration of a vaccine,” the Odessa City Council resolution reads.