CNN Guest Explains How Trump’s Latest Break With Conservatives Actually Puts Him On ‘Politically Stronger Ground’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Host of the “Very Serious” podcast Josh Barro explained Tuesday how former President Donald Trump’s latest break with conservatives on abortion actually heightens his chances at winning 2024.

Trump sparked backlash after he said during an NBC interview on Sunday that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis’ decision to sign a six-week abortion ban was a “terrible mistake.” Trump argued that he can “live with” abortion being banned on a statewide basis, “from a legal standpoint, I think it’s probably better” to be left up to the states. Trump said it is impossible to win the election while running on a six-week or less abortion ban.

Barro said Trump’s comments are getting him to the “more politically stronger ground” and are a big problem for Democrats.

“He’s only helped by the fact that he will be attacked from his right. If he gets pro-life activists attacking him as a squish, Ron DeSantis attacking him as a squish, that only helps him in a general election to say ‘see, I bucked my party on one of the most unpopular positions of my party.’ I think it’s a political problem for Democrats.” (RELATED: ‘Get On Board’: Pro-Life Advocates Blast Trump For Calling Six-Week Abortion Ban A ‘Terrible Mistake’)


Trump has remained rather consistent with his position on abortion being left up to the states, drawing backlash in April from pro-life groups after the former president said abortion should be left to the states.