‘You Know You’re Being A Jerk’: Dave Portnoy Blasts ‘Garbage’ Media After Phone Call For Alleged Hit Piece


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Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy visited “Jesse Watters Primetime” to talk about his viral confrontation with The Washington Post reporter Emily Heil, who was allegedly writing a hit-piece about him.

Portnoy said on Wednesday’s episode that he expects biased reporting about him from “left-leaning” outlets like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and Business Insider. Conversely, Portnoy says that he expects positive and fair coverage from outlets like Fox News. He lamented how easily he can predict how he will be covered depending on the ideological leaning of the publication. (RELATED: Dave Portnoy Announces Stunning News About The Future Of Barstool Sports)

“You kinda can predict what’s going to happen before it happens,” Portnoy said.

He said that his “connection” with former President Donald Trump and the “bro culture” of Barstool Sports makes him a prime target for liberal media outlets. The Barstool founder said that the site has a “fratty” and “white privileged male” reputation.

“That is, I guess, what pops into people’s mind and those people are hated by The Washington Post, The New York Times,” Portnoy said. He claims that both he and the site are symbols of an “entitled person” that is “despised by the left.”

Host Jesse Watters then said that liberal publications have escalated their feud with Barstool beyond simple dislike. He claimed that liberal outlets want to destroy Barstool and everyone associated with it.

“I think journalism has become activism, really. They’re not looking for the truth,” Portnoy responded.

Portnoy discussed his upcoming pizza festival before pointing out that liberals wanted to keep pizzerias closed during the pandemic, and are now trying to “threaten” the same restaurants by putting them in a “hit piece.” Portnoy said that liberal outlets have no interest in telling “both sides” and have refused to allow him to share his perspective in previous negative articles written about him. (RELATED: ‘F*ck You’: Dave Portnoy Shows Tucker Video Of Shouting Match With Angry Restaurant Owner Amid Talks About Barstool)

“I have been the subject of so many hit pieces and I have started so many times cordially, ‘Let me tell my side of the story. Your facts are off,'” Portnoy said.

He added that if liberal outlets were willing to speak with him, they may realize he is not the person they portray him to be.

“That is the state of journalism,” he added. “The New York Times is garbage! The Washington Post is garbage! They are activists, they’re not journalists — they have no interest in the truth.”

“Here’s the problem, they don’t want to meet me, because I’m not as despicable and horrible,” Portnoy said after revealing Wednesday that The Washington Post had requested to reschedule their interview.

“If you interview me, and you start getting facts, you may not be able to put pen to paper because you know you’re being a jerk and dishonest,” Portnoy added.

Portnoy went viral earlier this week for recording a call with Heil after discovering she reportedly contacted advertisers for his upcoming “pizza fest,” telling them he has a “history of misogynistic comments.” Weil initially denied making these statements about Portnoy until he read her work aloud to her. She then conceded that she made the accusations in the email because she “really did want them to respond.”