‘I Didn’t Actually Want To Go This Thin’: Sharon Osbourne Debuts Frail Figure After Using Ozempic


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Sharon Osbourne debuted her severely slimmed-down figure Wednesday on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” and spoke candidly of her use of the weight-loss drug Ozempic.

The former co-host of “The Talk” said she didn’t intend to lose as much weight as she did, and admitted that husband Ozzy Osbourne teases her about her frail-looking frame. In spite of the criticism, she said this was a good solution for her, although she cautioned fans about the dangers of the drug.

“You can’t stay on it forever, firstly,” Osbourne said. “I’ve lost over 42 pounds now, and it’s just enough.”

Osbourne admitted she is currently too thin, but said she had no control over the amount of weight she was shedding when she was on the drug.

“It’s just time to stop, I didn’t actually want to go this thin but it just happened,” she told Morgan. “I’ll probably put it all on again soon!”

She lost the weight over the course of roughly four months, and was honest about the fact that the process left her feeling ill.

Morgan asked her to describe what it felt like to use Ozempic — a drug that is intended for use by diabetics.

“At first, I mean, you feel nauseous,” she said. “You don’t throw up physically but you’ve got that feeling.”

“I was about two, three weeks where I felt nauseous the whole time,” Osbourne added.

She then spoke about the side effects of the drug.

“I would get very thirsty, and you don’t want to eat, that’s it,” she said.

Osbourne went on to address the health issues and overall negative impact the drug could have on youth. “I keep saying you’ve got to keep this stuff away from younger people because they will go berserk on it, and that’s not right,” she said. (RELATED: ‘I Looked Like A F*cking Cyclops’: Sharon Osbourne Opens Up About Botched Plastic Surgery)

She then joked about how Ozzie would poke fun at her for becoming so thin.

“Ozzie’s having a go at me ’cause he says I look like Mrs. Reagan,” she told Morgan. “He calls me Nancy Reagan all the time so it’s just time to stop.”